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About Sphynxes it is written much, I will try to prove the core: it not absolutely a cat. This unusually clever animal understanding commands, as a dog, very tender and betrayed (aggression in relation to the person is considered defect). It is faster not a cat, and something an average between a dog, a cat and a monkey …

Sphynxes compare with fantastic elf, aliens beings, bulldogs in the world of cats.

Do not forget about Sphynxes and as about the sacred Egyptian cats protecting tombs of Pharaohs.

The Canadian naked cat - the Sphynx, it "lunar", it Canadian nonhairy, it «a cat of Pharaohs» concerns the most rare and strange cats of the world. It is difficult to imagine something more shocking and simultaneously more harmonious. Except a total absence of a wool which is compensated by abundance of folds, the nature has allocated the Canadian Sphynx strong, a well-muscled body, an original head with huge ears and clever eyes. Magic charm of the Sphynx is boundless. So who they such? Newcomers from other galaxy? Reincarnation ancient egypt cats? And can, shades of mystical companions of Aztecs? Actually all is much more prosy. Really, throughout all history of mankind from time to time there are mentions of naked cats, but they have not enough relation to modern Sphynxes.

This fantastic cat has appeared as a result of the natural spontaneous mutation subsequently fixed by selectors during systematic breeding.

The beginning of last century is marked by demonstration of the naked cats, named Mexican nonhairy, exhibitions in the USA. The history of these cats, unfortunately, comes to an end in the beginning of 30-s' years of the XX-th century. The genetics of a mutation Mexican naked remains to the unknown person.

Breed occurrence the Canadian Sphynx on time connect with 1966 when in Canada in a province of Ontario absolutely nonhairy cataries has been found in a dung of a usual cat, selector Riad Bava redeems both parents and begins systematic breeding in which process are born both usual, and naked cataries. These lines have not proceeded further 1981. However for the first time serious attempt of creation of breed of naked cats has been undertaken.

1975. In Vadene, the State of Minnesota, in a dung of a simple short-haired cat is born a bald seal, and year after in the same place - a naked cat. These animals become subsequently founders of the most elite lines of breed the Canadian Sphynx in the USA (cataries "L.Sturdust").
1980. Three naked cataries are found in Toronto. Two of which - cataries of Paloma and Punks - have been exported further to Holland. They also have begun the European blood line. For maintenance of a gene pool of breed both in Europe, and in America of Sphynxes crossed about Devon Reksami closest on type to Sphynxes by breed of cats. The massed inflow «gerls» blood at the beginning of breeding and "will cripple" to this day shape of modern Sphynxes of some blood lines - facilitated, frequently the bony case, a short head with low put ears, roundish eyes, a thin skin, excessive «hairs" - all is costs a hybrid - programs - Devon Reks - the Sphynx ».

Today, fortunately, there is no necessity in such binding. The breed genofund allows to cross the Sphynx to the Sphynx.

The aesthetic perception of Sphynxes is based on not ordinary shape of these animals. Sphynxes cats rather stylish and organically entered in modern interiors. It is conclusive as convenience of the maintenance «canadian» in house conditions, being "naked" they do not lose a wool, "do not litter" furniture and clothes, showing thus natural cleanliness, intelligence and good breeding.

And still that allocates the Sphynx from a number of other breeds, lifting it on a step above the colleagues covered with a wool, is their unique character, as if they not absolutely already cats. I will not be afraid to repeat, having told that together with a wool Sphynxes have lost a part of the cat's independence. Such cat not «walks in itself», and is almost conscious, is like a dog devoted to the person and constantly requires its society.

These qualities do its irreplaceable in a family where there are children.

For kids it present "nurse". They communicate almost as equals. Tirelessly chase one after another on all fours, somersault, fight, kiss, take away each other toys, frequently without noticing, as get tired, fall asleep together.
Thus you can not be afraid for health and well-being of your fumes. Canadians not only are loveful and busily tender, they are completely deprived aggression. Sometimes heart fades at the sight of that children get up with them: lift for ears, for a tail, drive for back on forepaws, draw on one side a pen or a marker, and many other things, on what the tireless children's imagination is capable. And Sphynxes thus only is blissful blink and loudly rumble. The child scratched or bitten by the Sphynx is a nonsense. In breed rejection at revealing of individuals with astable mentality is conducted.
The artistic given and fine abilities of Sphynxes to training do interesting dialogue with them children of advanced age. Depending on degree of endowments of both parties. Sphynxes can execute simple commands: to bring subjects, to execute simple tricks, to "talk, open doors, to be on friendly terms with any other pupils, even with potential"extraction"(mice, rats, hamsters).

In certain cases good breeding of these animals borders on intelligence. The Sphynx is absolutely not vindictive, does not conceal insults and does not revenge.