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Welcome to our Canadian Sphynx Cattery!

Sphynxes are our family devotion, we were taken in by them absolutely unexpectedly. As the true dog lovers, I had big dog (Berner Sennerhund) we were totally against the presence of a cat in our house. All the more the naked cat. But someday we've got absolutely unimaginable, amazing furless creature – Prudence, the little naked dog and human being in one. Of course, it's a naked dog, but from the main point (without any doubts) it's a human being.

And here it started. As it turned out about naked animals: it's very interesting, unordinary, fascinating to you for evermore. One fine day we've been in the house, were there were living some Shynxes…we've left the house falling love with them! We were afire with enthusiasm for these unbelievable cats.

And with the idea that we are going to have the same cat sphynx - and, probably, not only one.

Soon after we had Bagira, lilac Petebald,  cat with the extraordinary character, rare mental qualities and sweet-tempered. We simply enjoyed his company. And when we finally decided, it appeared that our pink treasure was holded a value as a Dame. And we decided to start a difficult, but interesting way of breeding.

Our Sphynxes are members of our family. They sleep in our bed, play with our daughter. It was not for nothing that the following words after "daddy" and "mommy" was "kitty" - our cats are her best friends and nannies.

The most important for us is the health of our cats. All of them were checked on FIV and FeLV tests, and regularly - on HCM. Two experienced veterinarians are cooperating with us permanently, and the Sphinx are no more Terra Incognita for them.

The very recognizable feature of the Sphynx is their character. The Sphynx is sweet-tempered and lively. Our love to these cats has arisen because of their magic, enchanted character. We are not breeding the cats with aggressive behavior, hostile to the person or suffering by any mental frustrations.

And finally we work with the type. We keep all standards of the Sphynx. We try to get cats with harmonious and well balanced shape, with well proportioned head, very large ears, sturdy and well muscled legs etc.

All color varieties and patterns are acceptable, but our favorites are blue eye cats - white and chocolate, also add eys.

The cattery ELLENIUM is registered in WCF, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We hope that you'll enjoy visiting our site.