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Caring Procedures

BATH - Skin of Sphynx has sebaceous glands producing sebum, which moisturizes the skin.

The frequency of bath depends on cat’s hygiene. Sometimes it should be done ones a week, sometimes every second, third week. During the bath, shampoos for infants should be used. Sphynx likes taking bath and it’s not afraid of water.

EAR HYGIENE - If these’s excess of excretion (especially when the excretion is dark brown and odour-less), we should eliminate it from the auricle with wet cotton ball. Some people recommend using cotton balls with the neutral fat, for example, paraffin or vitamin A in drops. Overzealous ear cleaning may lead to the irritation and inflammation.


If we decide to go outside with the cat, we must protect it from the extreme weather conditions.

Before going to the sun, we have to put sunblock on the skin (mainly places, which are not pigmented and especially exposed to the sunburn). We should use sunblock for children.

Before going out when it’s frostily, we have to put cat clothes on and make sure that we can provide it with warm transporter (the best is our own jacket).

CLAWS - should be cut every 2,3 weeks. Sphynx cats are very good and don’t make any problems to their owners during this procedure.