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There are a lot of theories of sphynx cats feeding. Probably, the same amount as breeders and hotheads of these cats.  Anyway, there is one important basic assumption: food has to be highly caloric, because it helps keeping the appropriate condition and temperature of the body.

Followers of the fodder think, that when it’s produced by the reputable companies, it ensures 100% of demand for nutrients, vitamins, microelements etc.

Other breeders think, that it can’t substitute traditional food (especially meat). Some joins these two theories.

In our breeding cats get very varied food. They have individual diets, which cover food demands. Appropriate portions of: fodder – different kinds, raw and boiled meat, poached fish,  lean dairy products, eggs, vegetables are given etc.

The most important is that portion of food has to be balanced – selected and individual for each cat. There are different diets for female, pregnant cats, cats during the estrus period, kittens and different for neuters, which sit the whole day on the couch.